Vegan MoFo Tea Cosy Giveaway

Here's my Vegan MoFo Giveaway. The prize is your choice of a tea cosy from the Tea and Sympatico Folksy shop. The cosies come in 2 sizes and fit pots that are for 2 cups or 6 cups and in a variety of colours. To be in with a chance to win leave a comment telling me what your favourite thing is that you can do with tea other than drinking it! You can leave a comment up to the end of November and I'll pick a winner then. The competition is open to anyone worldwide. Good luck!


  1. I love adding herbal teas to hot baths. I am quite sensitive to smells so bubble baths and salts aren't for me, one day I decided to try soaking my favorite tea, angelwater a blend of mint, rose petals and green tea in the bath and it was one of the best ideas I have ever had. It always make my skin super smooth and refreshed.

  2. Making it for people so that I can feel like a good host!

  3. I once went through a phase of absolutely hating earl grey tea. Unfortunately I already lots of teabags so I had to find new uses for it - fortunately, as I discovered, earl grey tea goes brilliantly with pear! So my 2 favourite things to do with tea are to use it make tea-poached pears, and to make earl grey tea and pear cake. Happily nowadays I like to drink earl grey again but i still like using it for other things, especially for poached pears, they really are good.

  4. After using teabags for making a cup of tea, i but them in my eyes!!! is a wonderful way to take away the swelling!

  5. Ah those tea cosies are ridiculously cute!!
    I'm going to use earl grey teabags to make chocolate truffles this week...yum!

  6. They are sooo adorable and would you believe me if I told you that I was looking on ebay for tea cosies just last week! I didn't find any I liked so please please please enter me into this awesome give-away.
    I don't do anything else with tea apart from drink it from my 6 cup teapot that goes cold far too quickly and then to the compost it goes.
    I did try smoking it once but we all know that doesn't work. I knew it wouldn't do anything and yet I still tried smoking it....

  7. I like cleansing my skin with cold camomile tea. And your cosies are the coolest thing!

  8. Besides drinking it (which is awesome in of itself), and cleansing my two new ear piercings with chamomile (PUK is totally right here - it helps!), I like to use tea to get As on my projects.

    I would brew black tea, and then pour it into a brownie pan (I think they're called Master Class Baking Pans elsewhere). And then I would take my history reports, and submerge them into the tea, one page at a time, and then hang them out to dry. The effect creates what looks like old parchment paper, and it typically impresses the teachers.

    And by the way, the tea cozies are awesome! I love the skulls, and the green one is done in my favorite shade. Knitting's actually pretty tough stuff.

  9. Those tea cozies are so adorable! Once I made Earl Grey cupcakes and they were honestly the best cupcakes I have ever had in my life!

  10. Yep, I also like it in baked goods, like muffins or shortbread!

  11. Those cosies are adorable!
    i like to use Green Tea leaves as an exfoliator.
    Teabags are also great to use in scrapbooking projects to make pages look antique/old.

  12. Overnight tea leaves are great for smelly feet. Keep aside leftover tea together with the leaves and soak your tired or smelly feet the next day for about half an hour at least. Viola, your feet smells like new!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, love the tea cozy.

  13. They are so cute!!! My favourite thing to do is to make green tea cakes with ground green tea. come to think of it I haven't made them in ages...I probably should make them again. ;)


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