It's the first Cake Liberation Front meeting on Sunday and I've been wondering what to make for my contribution. One of the things I definitely want to try making again is vegan doughnuts.

My ex-boyfriend is the owner of a Homer Simpson doughnut maker which I still seem to have custody of! It's a bit like a breville sandwich maker and makes doughtnuts in minutes.

I made some a while back for one of the regular film nights in with the girls. We watched Grease and had lots of diner style food. I coated them in icing and dipped them in sprinkles. I used this fab recipe from Vegan YumYum and it worked perfectly in the Homer as it's affectionately known.


  1. I want one of those donut makers!

  2. I bake those donuts all the time just in a donut pan in the oven - they're so good!

  3. OMG that homer simpson donut maker is going on my Christmas List!

  4. A donut maker! Wow. No more room for gadgets though, must resist... the doughnuts are so pretty.


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