Lovely Liverpool

Yesterday was a busy day. I'm off this week but I was still up at the crack of dawn to go to the pre-work pilates class we have every Tuesday. Next, I met my friend Dale for coffee a veggie breakfast before we caught a train to Liverpool to see some more of the Biennial before it finishes. We headed to the Tate first and then took in Bluecoat, Open Eye and Fact. We also managed to fit in a search of the shops for little bottles to decant my liqueurs into but didn't have any luck finding any.

We stopped for a well earned tea break at Brew, an interesting independent tea bar on Bold Street, we've been meaning to try for a while and we were really impressed by it. I enjoyed a matcha, vanilla latte and Dale had a Christmas tea which had pine needles in it and smelled amazing, like a cross between Christmas trees and mince pies.

In the evening we had a swift half in the Philharmonic Dinning Rooms, famous for it's lavishly decorated gents toliets! This was followed by a meal at the Yuet Ben, a Chinese restaurant we'd been recommended. The food and service was great – ginger,garlic tofu and aubergine in black bean sauce washed down with a pot of Jasmine tea. We finished the day off by going back to the Bluecoat to see comedian Laurence Clark with his new show 'What's The Best Medicine'.


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