Giant Cake in Trafalguar Square!

The six shortlisted entries for the new Fourth Plinth sculpture in London's Trafalguar Square have just been unveiled. Quite excitingly one of them is of a piece of cake. Specifically, this is a Battenberg cake. I've not had Battenberg cake for years. It's a sweet pink and yellow cake with the sections sandwiched together with jam and then the whole thing is wrapped in marzipan. I used to love it when I was a kid.

I've had a look online for any vegan recipes. There's one on UK vegan recipe website Parsley Soup which uses a chocolate cake and a vanilla cake so it's slightly different in that there's no pink section. Apparently commercial brands of Battenberg aren't even vegetarian as they contain cochineal which is derived from beetles to colour the pink part. It would be pretty easy to make though. Hmm, I've been looking for ideas to make for the Cake Liberation Front meeting next Sunday, maybe this is the one!


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