What Do You Get The Vegan Who Has Everything?

Well, if you live in the UK, Oreos from North America are always an idea. For some reason the ones made in Europe are widely available but all have whey in them. The FAQs on the Oreo Eu website says – 'We're also hoping to work on a vegan option soon, so watch this space. Whey-powder free, vegan-happy Oreo will hopefully be available soon. Exciting!'

Hmm, that was written in 2009, and seeing as they already have vegan ones elsewhere I can't see what the hold up is!

Anyway, in the meantime we do have the Bourbon Cream which gets subbed for Oreos in many a cake recipe or here in my alcoholic Double Bourbon Milkshake.

So, in answer to the question of what do you get the vegan who has everything? How about one of these lifesize ceramic Bourbon Biscuit boxes by Robert Archard. Kind of the opposite end of the scale to the Trafalguar Square cake but just as cool.


  1. Maybe someone needs to remind them not to forget about those vegan oreo plans, ha. I miss them dearly, perhaps I should send them a mail.

  2. Oh my god, I love Bourbons.The day I discovered they were vegan was a happy day indeed!x

  3. try looking for oreos in your local Asian supermarkets, usually they have tons of the vegan ones, in the normal and completely CRAZY flavours! Like strawberry, or coffee-chocolate :) NOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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