Double Bourbon

I made this back last week but have had the most horrendous summer cold and have only just got round to posting. I made it as I had the start of a sore throat coming on and can vouch for it being medicinal as well as delicious.

Double Bourbon

2/3 pint of soya milk
Big scoop of Vanilla Swedish Glace icecream
1 shot of Bourbon

Blend in your blender/ liquidiser. Serve in a pint glass with straws.

Easy peasy. I had to use Jack Daniels which isn't technically Bourbon which must come from Kentucky but Tennessee whiskey but it was all I could get in miniature form and it was good enough.


  1. For reasons unknown I've not tried bourbon biscuits yet.

    I've tried fake oreos which give a pretty good result, so will give this a go - thanks :)

    Are you one of the few UK vegan bloggers not on twitter?

  2. Twitter! I've only just joined Facebook. Where do you get fake oreos from?

  3. Forget Facebook, Twitter is where "it's" at :)

    Most of the UK bloggers I know use it - you can connect and chat with people without sharing your full name / holiday snaps.

    Fake Oreos were from Vx (SSOV) in London. Horribly overpriced (~£4 per large pack) and not a lot different to 35p packs of bourbons.

  4. Ooh! They don't have vegan ice cream anywhere near me, but I can substitute something -- I love boozy shakes and smoothies and putting bourbon biscuits in one sounds delish.


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