New Shoes

I've wanted a pair of velvet Doc Martin boots for ages. They aren't made any more so the only chance of getting any is Ebay. They come up now and again in varying conditions and the rarity value means that they always go for more than I can afford, a good condition pair usually going for £80-£100. Hooray, hooray, I lucked out last week. I've never even seen a pair with this design and they are so vintage that they are even made in England, not China as they are these days. And, they are unworn. In fact they are so beautiful I'm a bit scared to wear them myself! I love the Autumnal leaf pattern, they remind me of the Pre-Raphaelite paintings where I used to work! A bargain at £21.

The last pair of shoes that I bought were these very comfortable heels with money from my last birthday which were half price in a TUK sale. All TUK shoes are vegan friendly and they have another sale on at the moment and you even get a free pair of flip flops with every purchase. Check them out.


  1. Fabulous, well done! I love TUK shoes, the designs are lovely. :)

  2. I like the ones you were wearing in the pics from Ken's birthday on Saturday, are they TUKs? Looks like it was a great night. x

  3. Hello hon, yes they're TUK's, I got them off ebay last year for £15.00!! Very chuffedindeed, have just got anither pair from TUK's off enay yet again for £20, they're black and red, with a small red bow on the side of the buckle and little skulls on the actual buckle. Love them! It's a shame you couldn't make it, but I'll let you know when we're out again, will certainly be out for my birthday on the 20th Sept, fingers crossed anyway. xx


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