Cakes and BBQs

Last week was a really rubbish week for me. There was a good end to it though. On Friday I got an email from Cafe Direct saying they would like to use my Paddington Cake as a future recipe of the month on their blog.

They asked me to translate the measurements from cups into metric which meant I had to make a Paddington Cake to work this out and also to send some photographs.

I got invited to stay at my sisters for the weekend so we have been enjoying the cake for the last few days.

Last night we had a BBQ. We grilled Redwoods Quarter Pounders which tasted really great done on the BBQ. We also did sweet potato chips, pepper and courgette kebabs and some black bean kofta kebabs which looked like they were going to fall apart and there was much swearing when making them but they turned out well. Dessert was grilled pineappple slices soaked in rum which we flambeed and served with toasted pecans and vanilla Swedish Glace. Yum, I love BBQs.


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