Sold Out!

Yesterday lunchtime Alex and I had a lovely hour out of the office meeting our friend Matthew for a coffee. Matthew is a great cook and we got onto various food related topics and just before we left to go back to work we were talking about cake. Of course, then we wanted some. We popped into the Cocoa Emporium and they had sold out of vegan cupcakes. They have recently moved from the 2nd to the 1st floor in Afflecks Palace and now are also a cafe serving loose teas in fine bone china. Luckily there was back up in the form of the Sweet Tooth Cupcakery just across the road. We managed to get the last 2 vegan cakes they had - lovely chai flavour. Then when I got back to the office I found a vanilla cupcake with lemon icing waiting for me from Jen. All that sugar helped me get my work done twice as fast!


  1. I would recommend the Cocoa Emporium in Afflecks first as they are always changing the range and experimenting with new ones. I had a pear and almond the other week and it was the nicest cupcake I've ever had. Sweet Tooth just stock the same 2 chocolate and chai but have got the advantage of being on street level and like Cocoa they also have a cafe space. Sweet Tooth are £1.75 and Cocoa Emporium are £1.50 or 4 for £5.


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