Big Apple

I'm off to the Big Apple for a flying visit in 3 weeks with my sister. We only have 4 days there. If anyone has been recently and has any suggestions of vegan places we can't miss please comment. So far we have Lula's Sweet Apothecary and Pure food and Wine as must sees for this trip. We were last there 3 years ago when Candle 79, Red Bamboo, Teany and Quintessence were highlights for us. I can't wait for a holiday. My last one was well over a year ago and involved travelling by coach to Amsterdam and then getting flu!


  1. try the to happy vegans website as one of the editors Sasha recently went to New York and she's vegan. I think she wrote about it on the site but if you can't find it I'm sure she's happily give you some tips if you drop her an email :)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I will get in touch. I met the 'to happy vegans' at the Bristol Vegan Fayre. The mini muffins I bought from them were seriously amazing! My sister is pregnant with twins so I think we are to have more of an emphasis on sitting in cafes than sightseeing on this trip!


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