One of the conversations some of the vegans who came on Sunday had was that we'd all encountered people saying 'Oh, you poor thing, you can't eat chocolate'. What do they mean? Vegans eat the best chocolate of all!

My friend Jo is a fellow vegan and chocolate conosiuer. It was Jo who first introduced me to the delights of the Chocolate Tree in Edinburgh who sell amazing flavoured bars. The sea salt + caramel and bramble + cardamon are my favourite's of the ones I've tried so far.

For my birthday she presented me with a goody bag full of treats including chocs by two brands I've not tried before. The Chocolate Cafe are fairly local, based in Ramsbottom, near Bury. There is a shop and cafe and they even organise an annual chocolate festival in the town. They sell the Zotter range of chocolate which looks like it's got some interesting vegan options. Bird's eye chilli or goji berries in sesame nougat anyone! The goody bag contained dark chocolate covered lemon sticks from the shop which were delicious and very moreish!

Artisan Du Chocolat are in London. Jo got me a bar made with almond milk. Mmm, very creamy, full of almond flavour and it has cute squirrels on the packaging. They've got some intruiging looking bars. I fancy trying the bars flavoured with espresso, tobacco and darjeeling tea next. I can feel a chocolate tasting evening coming on in the near future!


  1. These sound amazing! I'm jealous. Maybe I can root out a chocolatier around here that offers similarly unusual combos.


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