Bakerie Is Open!

Whoever would have thought that when my mate Dale and I stood on Albert Dock outside Tate Liverpool 5 years ago chatting and decided we'd both give this being vegan lark a try that it would come to this! I'm pleased to say that Dale is one of the partners in the freshly opened Bakerie on Lever Street in Manchester City Centre. The business is a wine bar and restaurant and has great vegan options for each course.

I was part of a group invited along tonight to try out the vegan options on offer. To start with there was delicious freshly baked bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip into and the best olives I've had in a while. Then we were brought tasting samples of a warming pumpkin and carrot soup which had a hearty homemade feel.

Next up was taster samples of the vegan sandwich option which was hummus, spinach and roasted red pepper. As with the soup the flavours were lovely and fresh. We also got to try the vegan option on the stews which was a butternut squash and caraway stew. Again, this was really, fresh and seasonal. The menu is split into soups, sandwiches, stews, salads and desserts with around 4 options for each and it is amazing to see in a non veggie restaurant that there are vegan and gluten free options at each level. Let's hope that this is the start of a trend like you see in cities in the USA. The dessert menu is good to us too with desserts made by Lily and Dilly with chocolate and pear torte and chocolate brownie + peanut butter blondie served with non dairy icecream.

It's lovely to find somewhere that's not strictly veggie where there is a vegan option for each course that is clearly labelled on the menu. What is also great about Bakerie is that it is a proper wine bar with an extensive wine list which is my friend Dale's domain. Before this venture Dale had accrued a wealth of experience with over 20 years experience working for Oddbins and the wines are all hand picked and are very keenly priced and again clearly labelled where they are vegan, organic etc. They are seriously focused to get people in there trying good wine without any of the snobbery attached to wine tasting and there are award winning wines on their list that are great value, especially compared to other venues. There are going to be lots of wine tasting events etc. It's my birthday on Saturday and I'm starting off there and looking forward to sampling more of the list!


  1. Sounds fabulous. We shall be seeing you down there on Sat :) x

  2. Any non-vegan restaurant that has one vegan option for pudding, let alone more than that, get props from me!

  3. That looks lovely! Happy Birthday for Saturday! May you have a beautiful day! xox

  4. What a great place. I love it when omni places have vegan options listed!

  5. I too love when there are clearly marked vegan options on menus, the options you had look delicious!


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