The Rise of the Tearoom!

There's been a plethora of tea rooms open up in Manchester recently what with Teacup, Home Sweet Home, North Tea Power , Fyg and my personal favourite Sugar Junction right near work. They tend to be situated around the Northern Quarter but my friend Jan who I sit next to at work has been telling me about Richmond Tea Rooms in The Village and we decided to go for an early birthday celebration after work.

The decor is like something out of Alice in Wonderland, very OTT but it's fun and it works. You can choose to sit in this little Greenhouse type section, the main room or the tented boudoir! We went for the latter.

Jan went in a few days ago and asked if they did any vegan cakes. Like all the tea rooms mentioned above they don't. However, they were great and said they'd get the chef to make something so we had a big piece of really gorgeous chocolate cake with our glasses of champagne. The staff were really friendly and I was impressed with the cake. The tea menu looked good too so I'll definitely be back to try more.


  1. Lovely of the chef to cater for you! Wow that chandelier is amazing!!!

  2. It looks so beautiful in there - I wish we had more tearooms around. How marvellous that the chef made you a vegan cake, as well.

  3. Oh how lovely! We have a vegan tea room in Sydney called The Victoria Room and it looks nice there too but am yet to go. I hope it's as good as your tea room! It looks so posh and scrumptious!


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