I live 10 minutes walk from Manchester's famous Curry Mile. This is a stretch of Wilmslow Road populated with Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants, Shisha bars, Indian clothes, jewellery and grocers shops. It's fab and when I remember the first time I went through it on the bus as a kid I thought it was like Blackpool with all the neon signs!

My favourite restaurant is one of the smaller ones, the Punjab, which specialises in South Indian cuisine.

South Indian cuisine means Dosas! If you've never had one before, a dosa is a large crispy pancake made from a rice and lentil batter which is vegan and gluten free. The pancake is wrapped around a filling and served with a coconut chutney and a spicy sambar sauce. I went for the classic Masala Dosa with a filling of spiced potatoes and my friend Lynnmarie had the mushroom one. They have one big ole pan at the Punjab, check out the size of them! I also love that the Punjab menu states that they have a sister restaurant in Melbourne, Australia and instead of getting mints with your bill they give you a Vimto lollypop!


  1. I've never had a dosa. I should check with the Indian place near me to see if they have vegan ones. They always look so fun!

  2. I love dosas, and adore Indian food, i am a complete indian fiend! When i was younger i was in Manchester and we had the most amazing indian meal! I think Manchester is famous for it's Indian cuisine?? xx

  3. Brilliant! I love dosas - the bigger the better!


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