They Call It Mello Mello

Mello Mello has been on my radar for a while. I remember walking past it during the 2010 Biennial and thinking it looked cool but only recently realised through glowing recommendations on Scouseveg that it's not just a bar/venue but that it's also a fab veggie cafe. It's one of the projects of The Art Organisation who regenerate derelict spaces for use by artists and local creative industries.

Got to go in yesterday and we loved it! From the wooden menus and Elvis soundtrack to the mismatched 70's cups, it's fun and had us reminiscing for Manchester's much missed Cafe Pop. The breakfast is undoubtedly the best value vegan breakfast around. For £4.50 you get tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, beans, scrambled tofu on toast as well as juice and good coffee. All the ingredients were nice quality and there were lots of other vegan options too including a weekend roast for about £5.50 that included wine! The cake selection included several vegan and GF options and we got some spiced chocolate cakes to take out that were pretty good. I was also impressed by the great selection of American craft beers, made me want to go back for another holiday in Portland!

Suitably fortified we then headed to Fact for the amazing and quite bizarre experience that is Zee. It's part of the Abandon Normal Devices festival and is there until November 27. It's been described as an installation 'like death', 'entering heaven' or 'being on another planet' that has audiences struggling to believe the evidence of their senses. Check out the video in the link to get a flavour. Then the rest of the day was spent down at the Contemporary Urban Centre for the excellent Americana 10 festival. Another great day in Liverpool, I love visiting there.


  1. looks fab!! I so wish i could pop out and get a breakfast like that here. Where i live in Ayr is sooo backward!! Great find! the weekend roast sounds good too and really excellent prices! xx

  2. Wow what an awesome looking & crazy cheap breakfast! The tofu scramble looks amazing & love the sound of the place wih it's wooden menu's & kitsch mismatched tea cups. I'll have to come & visit one day!

  3. That place looks amazing! I have breakfast envy.


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