Fillmore and Union

We recently were up in Skipton in North Yorkshire for an engagement party. The morning after we decided to skip breakfast in the hotel and went for a walk round the town hoping to find somewhere for some breakfast. We weren't holding out much hope for a veggie breakfast but thought that we may be able to find somewhere with beans on toast or something similar. We were therefore delighted when we stumbled upon Filmore and Union.

Filmore and Union are a Yorkshire chain who specialise in clean eating and it really reminded me of places I've eaten at in the States. Whilst not a veggie establishment they have several clearly marked vegan items. I went for quinoa porridge made with coconut milk, served with stewed apples and cinnamon. The little extra jug of warmed coconut milk on the side was a really nice touch. After a big pizza and lots of wine the evening before this was a perfect breakfast, healthy yet still hitting the spot as comfort food. The coffee was great too.

Matt went for beans on toast. This is listed on the menu topped with poached eggs but he just ordered it without. This wasn't just any beans on toast though but was a homemade smokey bean and chickpea mix served on rye bread and it got the thumbs up.

One of the members of staff said that they may be expanding further. I would love one of these in Glossop if they ever cross over into Derbyshire! We'll be back in Skipton in August for a few days for the wedding and I'm already planning another visit.


  1. If they expand, can you tell them to head over London way? I wouldn't mind a bit of those beans on toast...

  2. I love it when you just stumble across vegan treasures!


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