The Kitchen and Village Greens - Co-Op Day out in North Manchester

Matt's nephew has a business buying and selling vintage guitars and amps and Matt did a favour for him the other week by picking up an amp from just outside of Bolton. I went along as well as it was a great excuse to visit somewhere I've been hearing good things about for a long time.

The Kitchen is on Great Moor Street in Bolton town centre. It's a vegetarian cafe run by the Lakamka Workers Co-Op. They sell the usual veggie fayre and also specialise in Turkish food with dishes such as Gozleme which is a  turkish bread stuffed with things like spinach, mushroom or potato. As it was around Brunch time when we got there we opted for breakfasts.

These were great with particularly tasty bread and lovely sausages.

On the way back home we came through North Manchester so we took a detour to another Co-Op that we hadn't visited before. Village Greens is in Prestwich and reminded me of a mini version of Unicorn Grocery. Unlike Unicorn it's not exclusively vegan and they do sell meat and dairy products. These are kept in separate fridges though and the majority of the products they sell are vegan.

The strong vegan offer extended to the cakes that they sell with the majority of them being suitable for vegans and baked by Manchester favourites such as Lily and Dilly, Teatime Collective and Black Cat Bakery. Sadly they got a bit bashed on the journey home but I can vouch that this didn't detract from the taste! I wanted to try the strawberry topped Victoria sponge as Matt's requested one for his birthday in a few weeks. Strangely in all my years of vegan baking I've get to make a Victoria Sponge! I've earmarked the recipe in the Ms Cupcake book to try,

This yummy bakewell slice also hit the spot with a nice cup of tea. I also have to give a shout out to the gorgeous rye bread and home made hummus we picked up too.  I was really impressed with the shop and the range of goods that they carry. All the veg that we picked up was top class too. Although it's quite a drive from where we live, Village Greens is close to my sister's house so I'm sure we'll be back very soon.


  1. Love the breakfasts at The Kitchen! The bread they use is Sainsbury's Taste the Difference!

    1. Thanks for that! Will look out for it next time I'm in a Sainsburys.

  2. Those cakes look delicious! Its put me in the mood to go do some baking :o)

  3. That place looks awesome, I love it when a place included veggie bacon in their brekkie. I love gozleme so I wouldn't have been able to resist that and I totally would've picked up that bakewell slice. Yum!

  4. Bakewell tarts always have a special place in my heart! One of those and a big cup of tea is never a bad thing.

  5. I really need to get myself over to Village Greens! We worked with them a lot before they set up, so will be great to see how they're getting on. Vegan cake is another very tempting reason!


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