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Vegan singer/songwriter needs your help!

This is fabulous singer/songwriter Kirsty McGee.   She is about to bring out her 6th album and like many  artists, musicians, film makers etc working in this current climate is using a  'crowd funding' method to get things off the ground. This involves members of  the public basically sponsoring the project to raise the money needed upfront to  get it off the ground. In return you get rewards. There's different levels of  reward starting from £10 which gets you a copy of the finished album and access  to exclusive updates along the way. For a bit more you will also get the album +  things like copies of Kirsty's excellent artwork and photographs. Kirsty has  currently raised 86% of the money she needs and has just 5 days left to raise  the rest. If she doesn't reach 100% then that it she doesn't get any of it and  all the sponsorship pledges are returned. Please take a look at this video to get a flavour of her work and find out more  about you can be a