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Mid Week Munchies - Churros and Chocolate

Mid Week Munchies takes place every week and is organised by Jennifer at  My Blissful Journey . Check out the link to find what bloggers round the world have been buying and eating. Churros and hot chocolate are a delicacy of Spain. Increasingly they seem to be available at pop up food markets over here though and I've recently heard talk of frozen vegan friendly churros in Lidl but alas we have no store near where we live.We do have a huge 24 hour Tesco though and when we heard that they had introduced a packet of vegan friendly churros to their Christmas party range we just had to give them a try. We had Matt's nephew staying with us and it was great to introduce him to the delights of chocolate and churros! These aren't any ordinary churros either as they are filled with a chocolate and hazelnut paste and come with little packets of cinnamon sugar to sprinkle over them. As there was quite a lot of sugar already going on I made a small amount of dipping sau

Autumn Root Veggie and Cider Hotpot

I've got a really cheap but tasty winter warmer for you today. I used to make a casserole like this quite a lot years ago but I'd forgotten all about it until I saw these bags of casserole mix in Heron Foods. The bags were 2 for £1 and contain frozen onion, celery, carrot, turnip and swede. To serve alongside it I also picked up some frozen garlic baguettes from Heron which are 59p a pack or 2 for £1. Autumn Root Veggie and Cider Hotpot 2 x 600g packs of frozen casserole mix 3 large potatoes 1 teaspoon of dried sage Stock to cook frozen veggies in Olive oil to brush potatoes Sauce 2 oz / half a cup of plain flour 1 pint of cider 2 dessert spoon of tomato puree 1 teaspoon of yeast extract 1/2 cup of nutritional yeast Pre-heat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. Place the frozen casserole mix veggies in a pan and just cover with boiling water and cook for about 4 minutes until no longer frozen. Once cooked drain water off. Make the sauce by whisking the flou

Mid Week Munchies

Mid Week Munchies takes place every week and is organised by Jennifer at My Blissful Journey . Check out the link to find what bloggers round the world have been buying and eating. This week's mid-week munchies focuses on cheese and meat substitutes. I'm really into smokey cheese flavours at the moment. I made a pizza the other week topped with the cashew based smokey cheese sauce from Vegan Pizza and we've been enjoying the Violife Smoked Slices in the front of the picture in toasted sandwiches. To the back right is some Smokey MozzaRisella which is made from germinated rice and so is actually a soy free cheese. I'm thinking pizza topping again with this or maybe burgers? I was very excited when Matt came back from our local health food store yesterday with the cheese on the left which is the new Violife Prosociano which boasts parmesan flavours. The cheese I probably miss most is fresh parmesan so this will need to be good to meet my standards! I'm int

Lazy Sunday Morning Breakfast

A picture heavy post of a recent Sunday morning - World Vegan Day in Fact. Two sets of filter coffee - decaf for Matt and full caf for me! Having fun with Jus-Rol croissants in a tin trying out some different filling ideas. These tofutti slices worked really well but the bacon crumbles kind of dissolved and got lost. Next time I would try the same cheese slices with a smear of tomato puree and some mixed herbs to go for a pizza style croissant. I had a tube of Creme de Marrons which is a French sweet chestnut puree. This was amazingly good as a croissant filling. I broke up one of these small almond and orange dark chocolate bars from Aldi and this worked really well too. Croissants about to go in.... Croissants coming out of the oven. The finished breakfast. I've another tube of these in the fridge. Have you any ideas for fillings?

Belated Bonfire Night Post and Toffee Apple Cider Cake Recipe

I'm linking this post up to Mid Week Munchies over a Blissful Yoga Journey blog. Check it out to see what other bloggers have been buying and eating. Last week was Bonfire night. We don't usually go to a bonfire or bother with fireworks these days but we do like to have some friends round. We had a little gathering at our house with some traditional Bonfire night food. On the savoury side I made some smokey paprika hummus and some little baked sausages in a sticky sweet hoisin sauce using this idea from the BBC website  and Fry's sausages. It wouldn't be Bonfire night without some peas in a cup. Matt made Nottingham style peas which are mushy marrowfat peas in mint sauce and our friend Steve made Lancashire black peas which you serve with vinegar. Both are great traditional Bonfire night dishes and both naturally vegan too! For the sweet nibbles I made some traditional Parkin cake using this great recipe for vegan Parkin from the Chocolate and Beyond blog. T

New Kitchen Art

I've blogged a few times, here and here about our growing food and drink related kitchen art collection. We've kind of run out of wall space now as a lot of the kitchen is tiled so this little fella has snuck into the hallway just before you enter the kitchen to welcome you in and put the thought of hot beverages into your mind! It a signed editioned print by Yorkshire artist Lisa Stubbs that I bought at the Holmfirth Art Week a few months back.You can see lots more of Lisa's lovely work here in her Etsy shop . This hand illustrated vintage plate was a gift from Matt's sister and was actually made by their cousin Leanne who has an illustration business called Letterbox Lane. Leanne sells her work through Not On The High Street and also here through her own shop . I love Leanne's work which is lovely quality and very reasonably priced. She does some great Christmas cards and I've just bought a set of the notebooks. We also recently bought a copy of