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Vegan Life Issue 5

Issue 5 of Vegan Life has got one of the best covers so far in my opinion! It's an image of a delicious sandwich with lots more sandwich ideas inside. I've never been a big sandwich eater but I've been getting into them recently trying out things like Pulled Pork made with jack fruit and the amazing Tempeh Ruben from Vegan With A Vengeance . With the growing interest in veganism it's starting to feel like we're not too far away from some better vegan sandwich choices on the High Street too. Imagine the day when there's more on offer than boring hummus or roasted veg! My favourite non food articles in the magazine were the interview with the band Martha and the £100 vegan city break. The writer of this article Liz Dodd has set herself a challenge to visit a different country for a weekend each month on a budget of £100. The article is about a trip to Sweden and I'm really hoping the magazine features more of her travels as this was a great read. Of c

Vegan Burger Day - 28 May - Get Involved!

Much as I love a good 'meaty' vegan burger like those that Frys and Vegusto make I am also a big fan of the home made vegetable based veggie burgers. Last Summer Matt and I worked our way through the burger recipes in Isa Does It and they were all excellent. We even had a bit of a theme going with Burger, Beer and Bakeoff nights, enjoying our burgers during episodes of The Great British Bake Off. This first one is a Black Bean Burger topped with gucamole and crushed nachos. Alongside this Bistro Beet Burger we also had the curry fries from the book. I think these Olive, Lentil and Mushroom burgers were my absolute favourite. As burger season is coming round I've been looking at my copy of Lukas Volger's 'Veggie Burgers Every Which Way' . I bought this book on holiday in Portland a few years ago and I've never actually made anything from it. Does anyone have any recommendations? Apparently 28 May is National Hamburger Day in the States. I was