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Ayubowan - Contemporary Sri Lankan Cuisine

We were celebrating at the weekend. I've sold my flat at last and we've had an offer accepted on a house so I'm going to be leaving Manchester and moving to Glossop. I'll still work in the Northern Quarter in Manchester but I won't be deprived of vegan food at home as Glossop is pretty good for vegans too.  The Globe  pub s erves an exclusively vegan menu, the Hare and Hounds has a vegetarian and vegan menu, The Oakwood pub and The Soup Seller do some vegan stews and curries and several cafes have soy milk. The Peak of Health is a great healthfood shop, Sowerbutts is an amazing greengrocers and there's an M and S Food. Not bad for a small town with just a few shopping streets. There's also 2 new more recently opened businesses with vegan offers. We've yet to check out Pico Lounge but last Saturday we made it to Ayubowan .  We'd heard nothing but great reviews of this place that serves contemporary Sri Lankan cuisine. We found that all th

Vegan Village

I love Vegan Village . Nine years ago when I first started to drift towards veganism I was looking for recipes containing certain foods to help with some health problems. Two websites that I found really great were Post Punk Kitchen and Vegan Village and I return to both for recipes to this day. If you're not familiar with it Vegan Village is a UK website that covers all sorts of information for vegans as well as a great listings noticeboard. If you're holding an event or looking for a vegan friendly houseshare or job make sure you check this out. They also have a recipe section. Over the years I've come back again and again to certain recipes. The Mushroom and Ale Pie and Goan Tofu Curry are particular favourites and the Mushroom and Chestnut Wellington has been part of many a Christmas dinner! In the picture above is something I've just made for the first time - Mushroom Crustade  and in typical Vegan Village style it tasty, easy to make comfort food. Anoth