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The Great Vegan Challenge!

Being a vegan.... can you have your cake and eat it? Yep you can! Do you fancy a challenge? Go on, I dare you..... If you're not a vegan but are curious about this dietary and lifestyle choice then there's no time like the present to try it out. Throughout November Animal Aid are running the Great Vegan Challenge . Once you've signed up you'll receive help and support for the whole month. You'll get :  -       Advice on nutrition and vegan products -       Recipes and motivational tips sent regularly -       Access to an internet forum for swapping tips and stories -       A telephone hotline for any burning questions -       Information on exclusive offers and product give-aways -       Sign-posts to resources in participants’ country and language where possible Are you up for the challenge!

Frank Bars Giveaway!

Have you tried Frank bars yet? They're one of the newest vegan snack bars on the market and I was delighted when the company sent me a case to try. The bars come in 5 flavours - oat, chocolate, orange, strawberry and blueberry flavours. They are a little like a Nak'd type bar in that they are made from oats and dried fruits. What makes them different is that each flavour is topped with a lovely chocolate layer and it's a a coconut based pro-biotic chocolate at that! I've found them a little more filling than most snack bars of this type so they've been great as an emergency breakfast or just something to 'put you on' until your evening meal if you're going to be eating late. They are low GI so they release energy slowly too. The great news is that not only are the Frank bars vegan but they are also nut free and gluten free too. If you'd like to win some Frank Bars please leave a comment below saying what your favourite thing is to snack