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Glastonbury Revisited

Two weekends ago we were back down South again as Matt was playing at another festival. This time it was the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival and Rally . It's an annual event held in the fields next to the Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum. As well as lots of stalls run by the unions and other groups of activists there is a programme of live music throughout the weekend. There was even an animal rights presence with the local chapter of Animal Aid running a stall. Here's me next to a banner from my old union from my teaching days.  The festival finished with Billy Bragg on the Sunday teatime and we left the campsite and headed off to Glastonbury for a night in the Travelodge. We were really pleased to discover when we got there that Cafe Galatea served a Sunday roast. Unfortunately they told us that they couldn't find the recipe for the vegan version of the nut roast which made me wonder why have a vegetarian and a vegan version? Why not just do a good vegan version that everyone

Vegan Organic Network

Do you know about the Vegan Organic Network ? The group are based in Manchester but are a well established national group who have a presence at vegan events and fairs all round the country. They aim to promote a system of cultivation that avoids artificial chemicals and sprays, livestock manures and animal remains from slaughter houses. Instead they advocate maintaining fertility by vegetable compost, green manures, crop rotation, mulches and any other method that is sustainable, ecologically viable and not dependent on animal exploitation. It's really interesting stuff. I've never lived anywhere where I've had garden space to grow food but I'm hoping that will change when I move and VON will be a great resource to learn how to do this in a vegan friendly way. I was really pleased when the group approached Cake Liberation Front about doing something for their annual fundraising garden party. It was a fun, sunny afternoon with stalls, entertainment, crafts and of

Competition Time - Win Freedom Mallows

I was reading the other day how crazily flavoured gourmet marshmallows are the new cupcake or perhaps that should be macaroon? It's funny but marshmallows were never something that I was that bothered about in my pre-vegan days but I'm sure that lots of you will empathise with the fact that they suddenly became something I desired once I couldn't have them! Over the last few years I've tried several brands with my favourites being Daisy's Marshmallows which are sold via Ebay to raise money for rescue dogs and the wonderful Sweet Vegan range. I was delighted therefore when I was contacted last week by Freedom Mallows to see if I'd like to try some samples of their new product. Freedom Mallows are even made locally to me in Manchester. Like other vegan marshmallows they are gelatine free, contain all natural colours and flavours and there is no high fructose corn syrup. At the moment there is just the one flavour - vanilla. The flavour and texture were gr


So, I survived my first music festival, camping experience! To be honest I felt like a bit of a cheat. We got to Glastonbury on the Friday and it was dry and sunny from there on in. We got to camp in the crew and artists enclosure behind the Leftfield where there were showers, real toilets and even a greenroom. It was fab and Matt's slot went really well. He was part of the Radical Roundup on the Saturday afternoon where 4 singer songwriters got to take it turns to do a song each. The Saturday round up featured Billy Bragg , Sean McGowan and Amanda Palmer alongside Quiet Loner himself! There's some footage here and here . We also got to hang out with  ONSIND who were part of the Radical Roundup on the Friday and who are fellow vegans. Nathan even has an I Love Vegan Junk Food sticker on his guitar. They are lovely guys and their music is great. I've just ordered their new CD . I urge you to check them out if you don't already know them. By bizzare coincid