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Road Trip Number 2 - Preston, Morecambe and Ramsbottom

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a little road trip Matt and I took to Oswestry and Chester. A week after we did a second one for Matt's birthday. Our overnight destination was Morecambe with a stop off in Preston for lunch. We've visited the Whaletail Cafe a few times before and always enjoyed the food and this time was no exception. Matt went for the salad platter about that came with a serving of home made hummus and some lovely olives. It was a cold wintery day and I felt that I needed something hot to eat so I picked this mushroom and grilled tofu roll. This really hit the spot and is something I need to recreate at home. It would be a perfect Sunday morning breakfast roll. Underneath the Whaletail is a lovely old school wholefoods co-operative called Single Step . I was excited to find some turmeric root there as I've been wanting to try making turmeric spiced milk for a while as a bedtime drink. Once in Morecambe we headed to a Toby Carvery for Matt

One 17 Bakery - Glossop

I am lucky to live in a small town that caters really well for vegans. We have Pico Lounge which is part of the Loungers chain and offers a vegan menu, Ayubowan Sri Lankan restaurant that has clearly labelled tasty vegan dishes and fab coffee shops like Twig in the station that offers plant milks and sells Ten Acre crisps. We also have a great independent health food shop in Peak Of Health and of course not forgetting the Globe pub where all the food is vegan and they even make a range of icecream! And now there is a new addition to the vegan offer. One 17 Bakery closed in January and we were all worried that they might have closed down. I'd always liked their bread and Frank and Jane the owners are lovely. Luckily for us they had decided to take a few weeks off and were plotting the introduction of lots of new lines to the bakery. What they have done is something unique. As well as the standard range you'd expect from a bakery they now have a focus on low calorie, glu

Road trip 1 - Oswestry and VBites Chester

I'm afraid I'm currently back to having no computer, hence the lack of blogging recently. The laptop I bought about a month ago broke almost immediately and I ended up returning it and getting a refund. I've finally decided to go for a refurbished model through someone we've met locally who runs a computer business and hopefully I'll have that soon. As an added bonus he is also going to get us started on kombucha brewing! Does anyone make their own kombucha and do you have any tips or ideas for flavours? And talking of brewing check out these vegan beers. We've had a couple of little road trips in the last few weeks. Our first one was to Oswestry on the Welsh border. We came across a great family run wine and beer shop called Twelve Green Bottles . As someone who used to work in a wine shop I was really impressed with this place. It was really nicely set out AND they had marked products as vegan on their price labels which is not something you see very ofte