Happy Easter Everyone!

Hope everyone is having an relaxing Easter break. I've not been able to get out to the shops much recently so when I did make it to my local supermarket on Saturday I was disappointed not to find any vegan friendly Easter goodies to buy for presents so my family ended up with plants instead!

However, the Easter bunny was very good to me! When I was a kid I used to make my Easter eggs last for months. I don't know why but I used to keep them in the sideboard and ration them out. They always seemed so special and I don't think I wanted them to end! Don't know how long this lot will last though! I got a big bar of dark chocolate, little marzipan eggs and amaretto filled eggs that were all from Lidl. In addition to this I also got not 1 but 3 Easter bunnies! My mum got me the dairy free Sweet William bunnies which apparently were on 2 for 1 in Sainsburys and my sister managed to track down one of the elusive dark chocolate Lindt bunnies. The milk Lindt bunnies are everywhere but it's always really hard to find the dark ones which unlike a lot of Lindt dark chocolate bars these days are still vegan friendly.


  1. What a great Easter haul, this year my husband & I shared a Moo Free egg & a package of the dark chocolate praline eggs from Montezumas. They were SO good!

  2. mmm, I love Montezumas stuff. Haven't tried those eggs yet. I tried some Moo Free chocolate buttons though at an event and they were really nice.

  3. i saw your post and i didn't realise lindt had dark bunnies so i went in search for one at sainsburys and managed to get a couple @ half price, i was well chuffed. You made my easter!!!! yummeeeee

  4. Yum! That is one nice chocolate haul :) Hope you had a good easter.
    I got a dark Lindt bunny - I didn't even know they existed! And a Moo Free egg which was delicious. I'm addicted to Moo Free buttons...too nice!


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