Heads up for Lidl

One of my nearest supermarkets is a Lidl. A couple of years ago I got a waffle maker that makes the thinner crispy type of waffles. Sadly, the waffles were a bit hit and miss and I'm not the world's most patient person and got irritated at how often they stuck to the sides and gave up with it pretty quickly. Other people I know mastered the same model just fine though so maybe it was me! They have got the deep waffle makers in store on this Thursday's specials for just £11.99 and I'm tempted to get one and give waffle making another go!

I'm definitely going to get some of these non-stick baking sheets at £2.99. There's no need to grease and it will save on all the greaseproof paper I use for cookie making.

There's lot of other bargain baking tins, a revolving cake platter, icing sugar stencils etc. too. And how cute are these Easter themed tins. Check out the lamb cake!


  1. A waffle maker is on our wedding list but at £12 I'm not sure I can wait!

  2. those tins are so funny! Lidl wins points for being the most random supermarket out there for sure! x

  3. That lamb cake is just the cutest! :)

  4. Your Springform pans and molds are great! Do you know if any of them are still available anywhere? I'm in the USA and we have different patterns.
    Sincerely, Eve


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