Easter Cookies

I don't remember ever buying a bunny cookie cutter but I reckoned I might have one seeing as I have acquired rather a lot of cutters. Sure enough half down the sweet shop size jar I keep them in was a rabbit. I've got a visit with a friend tomorrow and I wanted to make something that was quick and Easter themed.

This Easter Shortbread Biscuit recipe from Parsley Soup was perfect. Chuck everything in a bowl, stir it, cut out, cook for 8 mins. I was also pleased to see that the recipe used currants. Currants seem a bit unfashionable, less used than the sultana and infinitely less popular than the raisin. Being from the part of the world where the Eccles Cake was invented I have a soft spot for currants. I then started to feel like a kid who doesn't realise that pork comes from a pig or beef from a cow. Just what fruit does a currant start out as? I always thought that raisins were from red grapes and sultanas from white. After a bit of Googling I have discovered they are both from white grapes and the currant is from a black seedless variety called Corinth originally from Greece!


  1. cute biscuits, and great fact about the humble currant. I never knew! x

  2. So cute! I wanna make cookies now. :)


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