Inheriting the Family Silver

I'm not too well at the moment and am signed off work. I started having seizures a few weeks ago and am waiting for a hospital assessment. Most of the time I don't feel too bad but I can't move around a lot. So I'm doing lots of reading both books and blogs! I've also been spending some time at my mum's. One of my mum's school friends was staying this week as they were going to a school reunion and over breakfast there was talk of vintage tea sets. The following items which I'd never seen before then appeared from a cupboard and my mum has let me keep them! Apparently my Great Grandma loved to have afternoon tea (ha, ha must be genetic!) and my mum remembers them from when she was a young child. Isn't this silver plate dish pretty, I like the oak leaf cutouts on the sides.

And this is the piece de resistance, when it's 'resting', this chrome object looks like some sort of gong!

When the cakes and sandwiches come out though it transforms into this fab 3 tier stand.


  1. What an awesome find! So sorry to hear you're not well. I wish you a speedy recovery xx

  2. Hope you're ok, sugar! The platters are oh-so pretty. :)

  3. Seizures sound very scary so I hope you are doing okay! <3

    I love the tea-time transformers-esque tier stand!


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