Music, Music, Music

There was lots of music this weekend. The Bank Holiday weekend kicked off with curry and beer before heading out into Manchester for a night of live music. The curries consisted of potatoes fried with mustard seeds from a really old curry recipe book of mine and the wonderful Goan Tofu Curry from the Vegan Village website. They also worked really well the next day cold in a wrap.

Saturday morning breakfast was a fry up. Linda McCartney sauasages, baked beans, potatoes fried with salt, pepper and sage and vegan Eggy Bread using the Post Punk Kitchen Fronch Toast recipe.

We spent the day at the Manchester Americana Festival where Matt (Quiet Loner) was on the bill. It was a lovely day with 10 live acts, nice beer and a friendly venue.

On Sunday I spent the day on some artwork as I have an exhibition coming up in October! On Monday there was more live music and a day at Media City/Salford Quays with the BBC Radio 6 Roadshow. As you can see from the picture it was typical Manchester weather!

As two people who get ridiculously excited in food shops we managed to spend a whole hour in the Booths supermarket just behind Media City. Booths are a fantastic little Northern chain of supermarket who support local producers. We came away with things we'd never tried before like garlic chives and truffle oil.

We used our haul from Booths to knock up a bank holiday buffet.

Finished off with strawberry, amaretto trifle eaten whilst watching Great British Bake Off - a perfect end to a great weekend.


  1. Everything looks so yummy! Especially the Bank Holiday Buffet!

  2. Ooooh Booths! I'll have to go there one day, I love new food stores. Your fry up looks great too, I never bother to make eggy bread but I really should, yum!


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