Weekend Eats

Bit late but here's the lovely food from last weekend which was especially lovely as I didn't have to make any of it myself! Salad platter to share with my friend Sarah at The Bear in Todmorden.

Tea was a lovely Chilean stew from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Veg book which unfortunately missed getting photographed. It was served with an amazing quick Lorraine Pascal Olive Damper bread which had been on telly that morning. Saturday was live music, beer and a late night. Sunday breakfast needed to be some comfort food and this mushroom and spinach omelette from Fat Free Vegan hit the spot. It was my first time of having a vegan omelette and I was well impressed.

Snacky late lunch of crudites, humus, Cheezly Pepperjack bites and smoothies.

Afternoon tea with a pot of char and peanut butter banana chocolate cupcakes.

Sunday tea was pizza topped with vegan mozarella, sliced potato, smoked tofu and rocket. Mmm pizza!


  1. Your pics always look so good - what camera do you use?

    And thanks for reminding me about damper bread. I used to eat it when I was in Oz but never tried making it. Definitely time to learn!

  2. Thanks Joey! I always feel that I not a very confident or competent photographer so that's made my day. They are a mix of point and shoot ancient digital camera and an iPhone. I'd never heard of damper bread before but was Really impressed by how quick and easy it was.


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