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Not a great deal of cooking went on this weekend. The most effort went into the breakfasts. Saturday was brunch with a good friend with Bucks Fizz to start us off.

The cooked breakfast consisted of sausages, beans,  rosemary roasted potatoes from Vegan Brunch and Mushroom Tofu Scramble from Vegan With a Vengeance. I think those two have to be my most used vegan cookbooks.

To finish with was tea and coffees and croissants from a tin, half plain and half made into pain au chocolat.

Saturday night we tried a new Glossop takeaway called Fusion Wok. It is one of those ones where you choose your protein, then the sauce and the rice/noodles etc. We went for mock chicken with ginger and spring onion and tofu in a teriaki sauce. They made us fried rice without egg in it which was impressive. It set us up for a night out watching a Spinal Tap tribute band which was great fun. Sunday breakfast was a bowl of Superfood porridge. This included mashed banana, maple syrup, raisins, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

Suitably fortified we went for a mooch around big Tesco. Matt's nephew and his girlfriend were up in Manchester for a Saturday night party and were calling round for before heading back to Nottingham. We went in search of something quick and easy for tea. Matt was very excited to discover these!

I was more excited to discover this. And on offer too, and seconds before I'd been saying how I wished I lived in America and could get coconut milk based icecream!

It was unusal, not what I was expecting, but very nice. I thought it almost had a taste of honey to it, although it is vegan there is none in the ingredients. We served it with this lemon and coconut cake. I halved the Lemon and Coconut Bundt Cake recipe from Veganomicon and baked it in a loaf tin.

This is what we picked for tea in the end. Falafel balls served in burger buns, with humus, sweet chilli sauce, caramelised red onions, salad and potato wedges on the side.


  1. I love those croissants & that takeaway place sounds great. I can't wait to tell a couple of vegan friends about those mushy pea bakes, I hate mushy peas but they love 'em!

  2. John is a massive fan of those mushy pea bakes! we had croissants from a tin t'other day - really delicous, thanks for the tip. really sorry i missed the brunch x

    1. Will definitely do another brunch when you are done studying x

  3. Your breakfast looks great. My weekend didn't have any cooking in it either. I'm wishing now I'd made a breakfast.

  4. A good friend = good. A good friend with bucks fizz or a love of Spinal Tap = amazing!

    I really liked that ice cream when I tried it - reminded me of a Bounty!

  5. OMG!! Those mushy pea bakes sound like heaven!!
    p.s. just came across your blog and I love it


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