Party, party

There's been a lot of this at work this week. I normally go in closer to 10am and finish later but living on the student bus route into Manchester means that during Freshers Week and for a few weeks after it's mayhem around my usual travel times. So I've been leaving to get in for 8.30 and taking breakfast with me with lots of overnight oats so I can just grab the jar from the fridge. The flip side is that I can finish at 4pm which has freed up essential time that I need to finish some artwork for an exhibition I'm having in a few weeks.

There was a very happy event this weekend. My nephew and niece turned two! My sister asked me to make their birthday cake using this Food Network recipe. It made a big cake and at one point I was worried that it wasn't cooking through the middle. I kept it in the oven for longer than the stated cooking time, covered the tops with foil and it turned out fine.

I was really pleased with it in the end and it seemed to go down well at the party.

The decorations are little fruit flavoured stars made by Humdinger that I picked up in Lidl. I also noticed them for sale in Aldi too this week. I finished off the sides with Humdinger White Chocolate Buttons.

I was pleased to see this lady on the buffet table. She was always a highlight of our childhood birthday parties. My gran made her from a skittle and you fill her skirt with biscuits. Check out the mini packs of vegan friendly jammy and choccy dodgers in there!

Edit: Boo just looked at a packet of the mini Jammy Dodgers and unlike the full sized ones they have Whey in them so they're not vegan - how annoying, I just don't get why companies do that! It's like Oreos being vegan in North America but nowhere else. Anyway, the Choccie Dodgers seem ok so I will be finishing the leftovers of those with my teabreaks at work this week.


  1. That cake looks so great - what a winner!

    I didn't know that about mini Jammie Dodgers being non-vegan. Slightly baffling given the full size Dodgers aren't. Mind you, I equally didn't know that chocolate ones were animal-free either, so that's a bonus - I'm off to discover somewhere that sells them ASAP.

    I heard the lemon ones are also vegan, but have never sited a packet. Perhaps they're migratory biscuits, currently wintering in the tropics or something...


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