Breakfast Beast

I love weekend breakfasts, they have to be one of my favourite things of the week. Breakfast at home is usually a fairly sedate affair, coffee and something like these fried mushrooms with nice seeded bread and Marks and Spencer Bubble and Squeak Cakes.

Eating out however is a different matter. I really like their vegan breakfast but this weekend I tried something new at Fuel - the Breakfast Beast! It's basically a breakfast wrapped in a burrito. You slice it open to find the different strata of sausages, beans, hash browns and mushrooms with a tomato and salsa on the side. I don't know what sausages they use but they're not Linda McCartney. They were some of the best tasting veggie sausages I've had and I suspect homemade from a mix, maybe the Unicorn veggie sausage mix which is an excellent one.

The burrito was certainly large and it was definitely good but perhaps the title of beast should go to this big boy. This is the Double Vegan Brunchfast that the Thirsty Scholar serves. It's so big you can't even see all of it - there are rashers hidden under that lot and not one but two types of potato - wedges and hashbrowns. It's definitely a challenge to finish it all!


  1. The sausages are my fave too-im told theyre veggie ones from wholesalers "brakes bros". One day, ill buy a box of 100.

  2. Ooh I need M&S bubble and squeak cakes in my life!

  3. Amazing! Eating out options for breakfasting vegans are pretty limited in my area.

  4. Bubble & Squeak cakes?? I'll have to keep my eyes open for those next time I'm in M&S!


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