It doesn't rain it pours!

I got my first proper pay rise paycheck this month since starting the new job. One day I will save some of my new (albeit small monthly) disposable income! As the law that is Sod had it, first my blender went on fire and had to be replaced and then my laptop collapsed and has been declared deceased. So the Bank Holiday weekend started well with forking out for a new laptop. I was restrained and bought the cheapest pc laptop available rather than the lovely shiny Mac Book. I stayed at my sister's on Friday and only popped home briefly on the way to a friend's house on Saturday teatime for a birthday curry feast to grab some soy yoghurt and a couple of jars of Geo Foods chutney from the fridge.

Good job I did as there was water streaming through my kitchen ceiling. Builders had started work doing up the empty flat above me the day before.

So it was all very dramatic. A plumber had to come out with ladders and get in through the windows above. He has managed to temporarily stop the dripping by crushing a pipe together (?!) but who knows what joys Tuesday will bring when the builders return.

Anyway, we still managed to make it to the curry evening albeit two hours late. In all of the drama I took my camera out of my bag so no pics but what a feast it was. Four different curries - mushroom and aubergine, potato and tomato, sweet potato and pepper and spinach and chickpeas served with home made samosas and a multitude of different type nans, flatbreads and chapatis. Susan and Debbie had provided gorgeous desserts - the richest chocolate cake and lemon gem cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting.

So, I may have a soggy ceiling but I do still have a roof over my head and am so lucky to have the loveliest friends who though non of them are vegan will happily work together to create an all vegan pot luck feast of a meal.


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