A weekend of breakfasts

For a while now I have been meaning to experiment with the Aldi vacumn packed croissants in a tin. A few years ago I tried a 'vegan' croissant and it was so awful and so uncroissant like that I didn't think I'd ever eat one again. A while back I happened to pick up one of the little blue tins from the fridge section of Aldi and started scanning the ingredients list. I have a habit of doing this in the vain hope that something will turn out to be vegan friendly and I was delighted to see that these were. Whilst not having the buttery taste of non vegan croissants these are really tasty and actually once you've been vegan for about 6 months your tastebuds change and you really don't miss the taste of the butter.

The dough is in a long rolled up piece which is perforated into 6 triangles which you split up and then roll to make traditional crescent shaped croissants. For the experiment I squished the dough back together over the perforation of 2 of the triangles with my fingers and then cut the rectangle in two. I put a slice of marzipan or chocolate in the centre of each rectangle, folded over the ends and then rolled it up like making a wrap or a burritto. They are supposed to take 15 minutes in the oven but mine is fan assisted so they only needed 10. The plain crescent shaped ones we had with Pure margarine and Sweet Freedom which is a delicious vegan honey like substitute, low GI and suitable for diabetics too.

I was really pleased with the results. They were delish! Word of warning if you do buy the croissant tins then make sure you keep them refridgerated until you use them. I have it on good authority as the tins have a tendency to explode otherwwise!

Sunday breakfast was a full vegan non fry up down at Odder Bar on Oxford Road. It was a wet, grey day and this hit the spot along with the Sunday papers. Grilled tomatoes, grilled field mushrooms, toast, scrambled tofu with salsa, sweet potato and bulgar wheat pattie, home made veggie sausage and boston baked beans. Mmmmm - now if they'd just offer soya milk and some decent choices of herbal tea and Earl Grey this place would be damn near perfect!


  1. That breakfast looks amazing! Super yum!
    I love Aldi croissants, they're the best invention ever x


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