Tea toddy

I'm a bit under the weather and have had a throat infection for the last few days which luckily doesn't seem to be developing into a full blown cold but has left me feeling pretty low. I like the taste of hot toddies but as a vegan I don't use honey and I am avoiding citrus fruit as I have a tendency to get eczema when I'm run down and citrus can exacerbate it.

So, I'm come up with this version instead and I must say it tastes fab. It's a measure of blended whisky with a teaspoon of agave syrup, boiling water and a bag of Birt and Tang Ginger Pu'er Tea. The tea also contains cloves and pu'er is a type of fermented green tea which is packed with polyphenols so plenty of anti-oxidants all round to fight off illness.

Feeling better already!


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