The Miracle Tea!

In my new job I have to read applications all day and then write reports about them with constant deadlines to meet. It's kind of the equivalent of doing exams everyday! I'm sure I will get more used to it in time but at the moment it's often hard to switch off and my brain keeps on going in my sleep or occasionally it stops me from sleeping. A while ago I sent some of these Pukka Night Time tea bags to a friend who sometimes has sleep problems as a side affect of medication. She got in touch and said how great she's found them and has had some really restful nights sleep. I'd forgotten how good they are, I've been using a different brand of herbal tea for for a while now to less effect. So, I'm back on these. They are available from health food shops and also Tesco and at the moment boxes have a code inside that you can enter on their website to get sent some free samples of their 3 ginger, 3 berries and 3 mint teas too.


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