Thousands of Happy Vegans!

Yesterday was the Bristol Eco Veggie Fayre (previously known as the Bristol Vegan Fayre). Jo, Dale and I made a round trip and spent 8 packed hours there. The photo below shows just some of the stash I brought back, some it purchased and some free samples. Seriously, you could probably feed yourself for a day on all the food samples! I managed to also fit in homemade mushroom sauasages with wild garlic pesto on a ciabatta from local business Cafe Maitreya and an amazing middle eastern salad box that I had for the train home with kofta, couscous and red peppper hummous whilst we shared a bottle of a'Becketts white wine.

The weather for the last 4 years has been amazing but this year the showers came. The sun did come out a few times though and we enjoyed delicious Beanies B'nice ice creams made with rice milk. We also escaped into one of the big tents for an hour for a cookery demo from medicinal chef Dale Pinnock. We got to sample a red lentil and coconut soup and sweet potato curry. Both were delicious and easy to make and Dale explained the medicinal properties of each ingredient.

Bristol is a real mixture of established businesses, new businesses and campaigning groups and of course there's all the music festival part of it too. Two of my favourite stalls were little businesses from London. Jaz and Jul's make amazing organic hot chocolate flavoured with spices and pure essential oils and can usually be found at Camden Lock. I had an iced peppermint chocolate topped with whipped cream and it was superb, really hit the spot. I bought some of their tubs of chocolate in caramel and orange to bring home to experiment with. They also use the chocolate in cocktails, mmmmm.

To Happy Vegans are familiar to a lot of people who check out internet vegan food sites and blogs. It was lovely to see that they had a stall. I bought 3 of their mini muffins to bring home for breakfast the following day and wow, am I impressed. The flavours are breakfast muffin (packed with seeds and carrot), chocolate and raspberry and blueberry. I loved all 3 and am inspired to have a go a mini muffins myself, perhaps for the cake stall MVSers are doing in Longford Park in a few weeks.


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