The Packed Lunch Project

Next Tuesday my sister goes back to work after taking a year out of the office on maternity leave. She has been much missed by her colleagues, especially me! We are lucky enough to work for the same organisation in the same wider team though doing different jobs. The twins will be going to nursery 3 days a week which means the whole family getting up at an unholy hour to get them there before work. I was trying to think of any way I could help. Nick buys his lunch at work but Alex likes to bring a packed lunch and we usually eat together so I thought I could make her's alongside mine.

I've got lots of soup and salad recipes but I've only been getting into sandwiches again quite recently. This has been one of my favourites over the summer - avocado with mayo, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, rocket and crispy bacon flavour bits on Burgen bread. The bacon things are like little croutons flavoured with yeast extract and liquid smoke and I get them from bargain shops like Quality Save and B and M Bargains.

It's good news for me too as my lunches will be more varied. At the moment I tend to make a big batch of flavoured hummus at the weekend and eat the same type of sandwich for 4 days! I've been bookmarking ideas throughout MoFo and am keen to branch out and try things like Banh Mi and various tempeh ideas. What's your favourite sandwich?


  1. Awww it's so nice of you to help out! That sandwich sounds awesome too.

  2. I always have trouble figuring out what to bring for lunches. I get on a kick and then eat the same sandwich for a week and then get tired of it and stop doing it. Not so good.

    Anyway, if you're wanting to do something kind if fancy, there are some sandwiches in Veganomicon with eggplant that are so good. I forget what they're called now, but there's a picture of them in the book.

    Also, I find that a little bit of chickpea mash (I like to call it Tuno, there's a recipe on my blog if you like) is great for a sandwich or for just bringing in a little container and scooping up with crackers.


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