Getting Set Up for The Day

I'm more usually found with a smoothie at breakfast time but sometimes I like to change it up a bit. The temperatures have really dropped in the last few days and I've had more of an appetite than normal - I blame that on MoFo and all the amazing food I've been drooling over! So, this morning I decided a big, warming bowl of porridge was in order. Stirred in is apple sauce and golden syrup with a sprinkling of cinnamon on the top.

I always wait until I get to work to start on the coffee. Recently I've been starting the day with this Beautiful Skin Tea by Neal's Yard. After never suffering from spots as a teenager I went and developed acne when I hit my 40's and have tried lots of things in the last 2 years to clear it with no luck. About a month ago I started drinking this every morning and I also changed my foundation to mineral makeup from ELF which I read about on Vanilla Sugar blog and also started using this. I don't know if it's one of them or the combination but my skin has completely cleared up and I'm delighted. Check out ELF, they often have massive discount sales, I got everything in my order for half price.

I've also been using coconut oil as a moisturiser on the advice of the Bowen therapist I've been seeing who also told me about using it on toast instead of margarine. I can totally recommend this idea, it's delicious. I like it best with a layer of coconut oil topped with home made Orange and Chilli Marmalade. What sort of things do you like for breakfast in the cold weather?


  1. This breakfast looks so delicious especially when you see what I ended up making this morning! :) I love porridge, never thought to put apple sauce in it before I'll have to give that a go.

    I've been loving your blog this mofo so I passed on the Liebster blog award to you! Pick it up at :)

  2. I eat the same gluten free muesli all year round but during winter this year I discovered it's even better when microwaved, the cereal softens and the banana I added goes all gooey.

    It's great that those products have helped your skin, I love using rosehip oil on my face too.

  3. That looks so tasty. Porridge is definitely the way to go in this weather. I like mine with mashed banana, raisins, rice milk and cinnamon. I must try that tea :)

  4. Thanks for the link to Elf, not heard of them before. Mr treehugger has porridge every single day of the year, even when it's 38 degrees at half past eight in the morning! I like porridge this time of the year and I sometimes stir a spoonful of jam into mine.

  5. Hey, I'm ordering a garzillion things from elf, is there a friend referral code I can put or something??


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