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I loved this recent post by Kelly Peloza of the Vegan Connoisseur which gave a tour of her kitchen. Her apartment like mine is in a block built in the 1930s and the kitchen area is very small. But, like her I agree that kitchen space should not be a limitation to what goes on in there!

When I moved in I had to spend money replacing the bathroom and unfortunately there was nothing left over to redo the kitchen. It's old and shabby and only has 2 cupboards. I've got a week off coming up in November and I'm hoping to spruce it up a bit then. Up to now I've focused on creating storage space. I've ended up branching out into the hallway and creating a little pantry in one of the built in storage cupboards there.

All available surfaces get used. The window ledge is nice and deep and has room for growing herbs and ripening fruit. I like to use a vintage cake stand instead of a fruitbowl, it's a good excuse to have it out all the time. The big ceramic strawberry is a compost crock from Lakeland plastics.

This butchers block has oils, vinegars and baking stuff on the bottom shelf and teas and coffees on top.

I put up several of these metal bar shelves from Ikea. They are great as you can attach the s hooks also from Ikea to hang your mugs, oven gloves, sieves etc. The big sweet shops jars contain rice, noodles, sushi stuff and the middle one is full of cookie cutters.

It's nice to have a bit of crafty fun in the kitchen too. Uh oh, someone's escaped from the biscuit tin!

Another Ikea buy is this slim but deep filing cabinet. It's full of herbs, spices, supplements and more teas. You can cram loads in there.

Well, hope you've enjoyed this little tour. I'm always interested in space saving tips if anyone has any.


  1. I love seeing other peoples' kitchen and I think you have made such a great use of your space! I have an almost identical butcher's block from Ikea too and some of those shelves as well :)

  2. Your kitchen is so sweet! I love the idea of a kitchen tour.

  3. I love seeing other peoples kitchens & we have the same scales & blender!! I may have to do a post like this soon too.

  4. I love it! I feel your pain. My place had a pretty small kitchen and I finally just got it remodeled. I have been in there a ton now because I'm loving spending time there. Best room in the house!

  5. Thanks for the tour. I love peeking in other people's kitchens. Though I live in an open-floor-plan loft, my kitchen area is small so like you, I use every space well. Love your caffetiera collection. I'm drinking a soy cappucino made from mine right now :)

  6. What a wonderful kitchen you have... a kitsch kitschen! :D x


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