Bakeoff, Beer and Beet Burgers

I go to see my mum on a Wednesday after work and Great British Bake Off is always on whilst I'm travelling home. So instead we catch up on iPlayer, usually on Thursday or Friday. We've been having homemade burgers to accompany the show and have been working our way through the burger recipes in Isa Does It. Last night was the turn of the Bistro Beet Burgers.

These looked strangely like meat based burgers but were an excellent vegetable based burger crisping nicely on the outside and not succumbing to the mushy burger syndrome like home made veggie burgers often do. These contain rice and like our other recent favourites the Olive, Lentil and Mushroom burgers, they also contain puy lentils. We topped them with an epic horseradish mayo which we made with Plamil original mayo and some English Provender Horseradish that we found in B and M Bargains for 50p a jar. This was a very exciting find as jarred horseradish usually contains cream. 

As recommended by Isa we had them alongside the Garlic, Curry Fries also from the book. To save time we used ready cooked brown basmati rice and ready cooked lentils but they were in no way fast food. It took Matt 2 hours from start to finish to make despite the shortcuts. It was a delicious meal though and we would definitely make the burgers again. The fries I'm not so sure. There were lots of steps, par boiling, plunging into ice water and hand rubbing each frie. To be honest the garlic, curry powder combo didn't really hit my taste buds in the way I thought it would so I think I'll probably stick to my usual smoked paprika fries. 


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