Bierkeller Cocktail Menu Launch

Cocktails are a pretty safe bet for vegans as baring those made with cream, creamy liqueurs or containing honey, as most spirits and mixers don't contain any animal products in the ingredients or process they are likely to be vegan. I've been a fan of cocktails for much, much longer than the eight years I've been vegan and I love making them at home. The other week we got invited to the Bierkeller for the launch of their new cocktail menu. It had a good range of standard classics and a few more novelty ones. What immediately caught my eye on the menu was something I would not make at home - a smoked Old Fashioned. To start with you choose your spirit from whisky, rum or brandy. Then you choose the brand of spirit. I fancied a rum one and went for Appleton Estate 8 Year old as the base spirit.

The glass was prepared by the barman placing cinammon sticks and star anise on a slate, setting fire to them then upturning the glass onto it. It smelt amazing!

Next up you choose your woodchips from a wide selection. Then comes the fun, chemistry style bit. The wood chips are placed into a contraption and set on fire. The smoke from them travels down a tube and into a flask.

This is then poured onto the spirit, stirred with ice, angostura bitters, orange peel and a cherry is added for garnish.

It was very good and definitely a bit of theatre to watch!


  1. This looks like some utterly ridiculous drink theatre! I love it!

  2. Looks so much fun - to watch and to drink! good call on the rum too, that's what I would have picked!


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