Mock Duck Fresh Spring Rolls

This was a Sunday night tea I whipped up recently with stuff we had in. The quinoa and roasted butternut squash salad was leftovers from the day before. I bought tons of sushi rice when it was 49p a bag in Quality Save recently and we usually have a few tins of mock duck from the Chinese Supermarket knocking about in the pantry. So on the menu was avocado nori rolls and mock duck fresh salad spring rolls.

I heated a couple of spoonfuls of olive oil in a roasting tin, then added the mock duck and drizzled it with three tablespoons of sauce. I used vegetarian oyster sauce and have also had good results with sweet chilli sauce previously. After roasting for around 15 minutes until the pieces crisped up I took them out of the oven and put to one side to cool.
In the meantime I julienned some spring onions, red pepper and carrots. Then I wrapped the mock duck, veg and some mixed salad leaves in spring roll wrappers. These are the type of spring rolls wrappers that look like hard plastic discs but after soaking in warm water for a few seconds totally transform. These are really fun to make and there's always enough leftovers for an impressive packed lunch to show off at work the next day!


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