Wedding in Reading

We've just returned from a really beautiful wedding near Reading. The happy couple are our friends Greg and Anne who live in Brixton.

The wedding was in Anne's home town and the reception was held in the church hall. It was such a lovely day with lots of fab DIY elements. The hall was filled with hand crafted decorations, stunning wild flower arrangements and friends and family baked a cake buffet! The bride and groom are both musicians so as you would expect they had created a fab playlist too. Matt even got to do a reading in the church service which was the lyrics of a Townes Van Zandt song.

We loved our vegan friendly favours.

The main course was a BBQ. We tucked into veg and tofu kebabs, amazing home made veggie burgers and a stunning array of salads and chutneys all washed down with an endless supply of fine wine and ale.

Greg and Anne work for Abel and Cole where they have a subsidised works canteen. The chefs from there did the catering so as you can imagine this was fresh, tasty food at it's best. The veggie burgers were jerk flavoured as a nod to them being Brixton residents. These were so good, I would love to get hold of the recipe as part of my current burger obsession. This was such a great day with lots of personal details and we had a  lovely time chatting, laughing and dance til the small hours.


  1. How lovely! What a day, I'm glad you both had such a good time. I'm working on low sugar, low fat flap-jacks that aren't too crunchy (not asking for much huh?) and I think I'm almost there :D x

    1. They sounds good. I've not tried making flapjacks for a while. I'm with you on the not too crunchy texture. I have tried recipes in the past which were more like nut brittle!

  2. What a lovely day. It's awesome when wedding caterers get it right!


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