Vegan Mofo 2014

September is the Vegan Month of Food or Vegan Mofo for short. This huge worldwide blogging event has been going for 8 years and this is my 5th year of taking part. It's an amazing event and the sheer creativity of bloggers taking part is astounding. It's a fantastic way to discover new blogs, get new recipe ideas and even make new friends - yes I have gone in to meet in real life people who's blogs I've discovered through MOFO. I also have an awesome Australian food swapping pen pal I met through Mofo! I did my theme last year on vegan eats in the area where I work which is Manchester's Northern Quarter and I did consider writing this year on vegan eats in Glossop where I now live and the surrounding Peak District but as I've only been here for a few months though and am still discovering places this can wait til next year.

So, instead I've taken my theme from my blog title and will be writing all month about tea! I'm committing to 20 week day posts so expect to see a mixture of tea themed smoothies, cocktails, sweet and savoury recipes and reviews. We're talking Earl Grey Martinis, Matcha Truffles, Bubble teas bars and the like. Expect to see some of our vintage crockery collection cropping up in the background. I love this beautiful teapot designed by illustrator Alan Aldridge that Matt's sister Alison found for us in a charity shop!

I'm also excited to see fellow North West of England vegans taking part so check out the following blogs Hasta La Vegan, Boltonian Vegan and Spice Box of Earth. There may be more, I hope so, but at the time of writing the list of who's taking part hasn't been announced.

Happy reading everyone and remember as Mofo HQ says #we are everywhere!


  1. Thanks for the mention! I'm super excited for your tea adventures! I think it's an awesome theme, good luck!

  2. Fantastic theme, I can't wait. :) I love tea.

  3. Tea theme is awesome! Looking forward to your posts :)

  4. I cannot wait for the matcha truffle recipe!

  5. i drink a lot of tea! so yay for your theme!

  6. What an awesome theme - I love tea! Looking forward to your posts, especially Earl Grey Martinis! :o)


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