Vegan Mofo 2016 Day 10 - Fritalian Croissants

Today's Mofo challenge is to take two cuisines and make them work together. In the spirit of the prompt may I introduce to you - Fritalian Croissants. We have the croissants from France married to perfect Italian pizza flavours. I mean who doesn't like pizza for breakfast!!!

I like to pick up a tin of Jus Rol croissants whenever they appear in our local bargain shop. These were 39p instead of their normal RRP of £2. I also picked up a jar of sundried tomato pesto for 59p from the same shop. It was Dolmio brand and I was surprised to see it was vegan friendly. We don't normally buy pesto as Matt doesn't like pinenuts and basil gives me bad acid reflux. This had a teeny safe amount of basil though (2%) and the nuts used are cashews. It also means it fits with my fruit and nut breakfast theme, yay!

Once the pastry is unrolled and cut along the perferations into triangles you simply add a smear of pesto, a sprinkling of Italian dried herbs and a smidge of vegan cheese. I used a little bit of Vegusto Piquant which I grated very finely with a microplane.

Before and after pics!

These were a winner! As well as a fancy breakfast they'd also be nice to take for a packed lunch.

I'm on the hunt for ideas for other fusion croissants. Any suggestions?


  1. What a great idea! And I'm really jealous of your bargain croissant find. 39p?!

  2. Yum; your fusion croissants look mighty delicious!

  3. They look great! Didn't know croissants came in a tin. Will be trying them.

  4. ha ha ha! These sound excellent! Also - that's so funny because when we were in Turin, we were calling it "Fritaly" because it felt like half-Italy, half-France!

  5. So funny and right on Fritalian Croissants, I made a vegan savoury version a few years back and now I want to make some more with your prompt

  6. Oh yum! I had a pizza croissant for lunch yesterday that I brought back from Smith & Deli in Melbourne. It was so good.
    Once that had a reuben croissant, that was filled with reuben sandwich fixings, though I missed out on that.
    I think a Vegemite and Cheese croissant would be pretty great as well!

  7. Pizza croissant - it was just meant to be really! I would quite like to bury my face in these. What about some sort of chickpea curry croissant for more fusion joy?!

  8. These look so good! I know my family loves to take leftover cranberry sauce and cream cheese (er.. vegan cream cheese) and roll them up in crescent rolls. I betcha they would work well with those croissants!


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