Vegan Mofo Day 4 - Coconut Quinoa Porridge and Fancy Beans on Toast

Seeing as my theme is about breakfasts I thought I'd blog today about my favourite vegan breakfast I've found in a cafe. Sadly Filmore and Union is not very local to us. They have branches in North Yorkshire and we live in the Peak District but they are not too far away and we have friends in Skipton and have been to the Skipton branch a few times when visiting them.

I'm not a big fan of the fried breakfast. It's something I will have now and again but increasingly less so. Fried food gives me reflux issues which is then a nightmare for my cough condition so unless I'm prepared to glug a chaser of Gaviscon I'd rather search out other options. Filmore and Union is a great place to find said other options!

This was lovely. A warm comforting bowl of quinoa porridge cooked in coconut milk served with stewed apples and cinnamon. There was even a little extra jug of warm coconut milk served on the side.

Matt is a lover and connoisseur of the fried breakfast but I think he was quite happy with this offering of smokey beans and chickpeas on rye toast topped with watercress. Filmore was also the first place I tried a turmeric latte. Their style is the whole clean eating, superfood vibe but they do it really well and the food seems like a treat. If you're ever in York, Harrogate, Skipton, Beverley, Wetherby, Ilkley or Moortown then definitely check them out.


  1. Yes please to the fancy beans on toast!

  2. Both dishes look amazing! I've never had quinoa porridge, but it sounds amazing. And anything cooked with coconut milk gets my vote!

  3. Fancy beans on toast are always a winner.
    Actually, baked beans out of a tin on toast are also pretty great. ;)

  4. The chickpeas on toast look so tasty! I am not a fried breakfast person either. I like that meal to be pretty light.


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