Vegan Mofo Day 8 - Wattle Tea

Today's prompt asks if you dug straight down where would you come out? Well for me that would be Australia. In keeping with my breakfast theme I did a bit of online research and it seems that Aussie breakfasts are not that different to British breakfasts and that we both like a fry up! What would be different though would be the beverage I'd have with my breakfast. Sadly, I haven't tried this in real life but I have been reading about Wattle Seed tea from Australia.

I'm hoping that Susan from Kitten's Gone Lentil or another Aussie reader can fill me in and let me know if this tea really does taste like waffles as one review has led me to believe. I mean tea that tastes like waffles how amazing would that be!!! I don't think I'd actually serve it with a fry up as I'm not much of a fan. Instead my breakfast of choice would be some home made strawberry chia jam on some crusty just baked French bread.


  1. I am eagerly awaiting an update on if this tea tastes like waffles. That sounds too good to be true!

  2. Hmmm.... intrigue. I haven;t had this myself, but will definitely look into it the next time I am at T2!


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