Vegan Mofo Day 2 - Roasted Figs and Pancakes

Today's prompt is an 'Impress Me' meal. We have a little breakfast menu board that we made on our kitchen wall. At the bottom are the sweet items. Although muffins and smoothies are on regular rotation, waffles have never been seen (we don't own a waffle iron) and pancakes are a rarity.

Much as I enjoy eating pancakes for years I really struggled with making them. Although I have mastered the art of cooking them nowadays I think a little bit of my pancake anxiety has remained! When we got these bargain figs in Aldi recently my first thought was to roast them to go with pancakes.

Matt knows that I am still not a fan of pancake making and that when I announced that we were having these for a Sunday breakfast recently that it was going to a lot of effort on my part so I'm hoping that makes this count as an 'impress me' meal.

I made the puffy pillow pancakes from Post Punk Kitchen. Once the pancakes were cooked and keeping warm I cut the figs with two slits to open them up. I put a little dab of coconut oil into each one and a squirt of Sweet Freedom. Then they were popped under a hot grill for 3 minutes. I topped the pancakes with some yoghurt before adding the figs and another drizzle of sweetener. These were so tasty and the figs opened up like flowers and looked really pretty.


  1. I love pancakes, and would definitely be impressed to be served them for breakfast.
    Your breakfast board is so cute!

  2. The figs are very impressive looking. That's my go-to recipe for pancakes too, I also suffer from pancake anxiety!

  3. I love your breakfast board, it's sooo cute! I've only made pancakes once in my life. Most breakfast foods kind of scare me. Your pancakes and figs look beautiful! I would definitely call it impressive!

  4. Definitely an impressive breakfast! My pancakes always turn out pretty odd-looking; I have yet to master the art of pancake-making haha!

  5. Ooooh I never would have thought of roasting figs, that is really impressive! :)

  6. These look wonderful - I'd definitely have been impressed. My pancakes are a bit of a hit and miss affair, so I empathise with pancake aversion. Roasted figs though, I'd eat them any time!

  7. That was the first pancake recipe I used, and it's still probably my favourite. I agree that pancakes can be daunting (and time-consuming) in the morning, but they are definitely impressive!

  8. Those are such pretty pancakes! I love figs but struggle at making pancakes as well.


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